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Steel | Aluminum | Vinyl

MAKI offers quality Vinyl, Aluminum, and Steel Fencing options.   By far, MAKI-made vinyl fencing by SWS is our most popular product.    Made right in Gardner, MA under the strictest quality standards, SWS vinyl fencing is a great buy.  Most vinyl fence and railing profiles appear the same.  A closer inspection of vinyl fence and railing extrusions from SWS will reveal a quality the exceeds industry standards.

Quality Vinyl

Neighbor Friendly Design

Full 8 foot by 6 foot panels

Easy Installations

We have several standard styles to choose from or SWS pvc profiles can be fabricated to make virtually any fence style to complement your project.

MAKI’s offers homeowners a variety of fence choices guaranteed to enhance the style of front yards, back yards and gardens. Choose from the traditional charm of wood. The crisp, clean look of an SWS white or khaki vinyl privacy fence, the formal symmetry of a Regis aluminum fence, the elegant look of a Gilpin baked on, black finish, steel fence or Gilpin’s black, white or bronze aluminum fence. Any one of these fences can succeed in tying together all the landscaping and architectural features it surrounds. Matching railing is also available.

Vinyl Railings by SWS

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 Fence Basics

A fence is a freestanding structure which is designed to restrict or prevent movement across a boundary.   Fences provide convenient visual sectioning of spaces.  Fencing can have various functions:   Privacy fencing to provide privacy and security, perimeter fencing to prevent trespassing or to keep children or pets from wandering away, decorative fencing to enhance the appearance of a property, boundary fencing to demarcate a piece of real property, pool fence to restrict access to pools and to help prevent accidental injury, and agricultural fencing to keep livestock in and predators out.  Many different types of materials are used in fencing products.