Plywood – OSB

You want the highest quality products in your home, right? You want to be make sure that every part of your home is as good as it can be, including hidden areas behind your walls, floor, and roof.

Many consumers are concerned when they see oriented strand board (OSB) being installed, because it costs less and looks different than plywood, they feel like they are getting a lower quality product. You need not worry. Today’s OSB has a comparable quality to plywood and is the better choice for some home projects.

The three main applications of OSB and plywood are flooring, wall sheathing, and roof decking. Your choice of underlayment will depend on what you plan to cover the sheathing with.

At MAKI Building Centers our sales staff will guide you through your product selection to be sure your time and money will be spent wisely.   Printable One Sheets

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