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Portable Chipper Glossary


Portable Chipper Terms
Anvil A fixed steel block that provides support and resistance for the chipper knife.
Chipper Deck Infeed deck of a chipper, including the chain that feeds the material to be chipped.
Chipper Discharge Denotes the direction chips leave the chipper housing. May be horizontal, overhead, or from the bottom.
Chipper Infeed A series of rollers at the front portion of the chipper where the material to be chipped enters.
Chipper Knife Replaceable piece of steel with sharpened edge; attaches to a rotating drum.
Chip Separator Portion of a chipper that includes a chipper spout for the separation of needles and twigs from chips.
Chute Out-feed portion of a chipper. This is also known as a discharge spout.
Counter Knives A piece of steel that breaks a chip into desired lengths. Found behind, and similar in appearance to, the chipper, knife.
Fan The part of a chipper that creates an air stream, moving the chips out of the chipper housing.
Feed Plate A vertical plate of steel that prevents the tree in the chipper from passing beyond the disk.
Reed Rate Distance the stock being chipped moves during a given interval of time or operational cycle.
Infeed Throat The somewhat funnel-shaped portion of the Infeed that causes the tree to move forward to the feed and downward to the anvil.