Harvest Functions Glossary

Harvest Functions


Bunching – Gathering and arranging trees or part of these in small piles.

Chipping – Breaking or cutting trees into small pieces of controlled fiber length.

Debarking – Removing the outer protective layer (bark) from trees or parts of trees.

Delimbing – Removing branches from trees.

Felling – Cutting or uprooting standing trees, causing them to fall as a result of the cutting or uprooting.

Forwarding – Transporting trees or their parts by carrying them completely off the ground rather then pulling or dragging them along the ground. Also known as prehauling.

Loading – Picking up trees or their parts of trees, from the ground or from a vehicle, transporting them, and then piling them into another vehicle.

Piling – Picking up tree-length logs or bolts and depositing them in large piles so that the logs are horizontal and parallel to each other and the ends are approximately in the same vertical planes.

Skidding – Transporting trees or parts of trees by dragging or trailing them.

Slashing – Cutting felled and limbed tress into lengths. Also known as bucking.

Topping – Cutting off the top of a tree at a predetermined, minimum diameter.

Yarding – Initial hauling of a log from the stump to a collection point.