Performance advances mean energy savings! Insulation products are a staple in new home or remodeling projects. At MAKI’s we recognize the value of energy efficiency and the need to control energy costs. Last winter’s fuel bills, this summer’s gasoline prices and heightened awareness of global warming have made energy efficiency everyone’s job.


Adding insulation not only saves money, it also impacts the long-term effects on energy and the environment that it can produce. Insulation also plays a role in in home acoustics, reducing room-to-room noise. Insulation aids acoustics in two ways, by plugging air leaks that cause noise to travel from room to room, and by providing more mass in the wall to prevent reverberation.


A variety of energy saving insulation products are in stock at all Maki Building Centers. Whether you are a homeowner or contractor, we are ready to answer your questions about the ever-changing world of energy efficiency.









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