How to Use Shrock Interactive Gallery

How to Use Shrock Interactive Gallery

If  your browser does not display the gallery, please view the full Shrock 2016 Cabinetry Brochure right here. (opens in new window)

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The Shrock Interactive Gallery provides an immersive kitchen viewing experience.    View Shrock all aspects of Shrock Cabinets so you can make the best selection for your needs.

Using the Interactive Gallery is EASY and FUN!

  • Select the page of interest by clicking on the link above.
  • sphere-50Page appears and you see a rotating sphere.
  • Put mouse over sphere and it will get bigger
  • Manipulate the sphere with  your mouse.   It will turn, slow down and speed up as you desire.
  • fullscreeniconView full screen if desired by clicking the icon at upper right
  • changetocubeChange to a cube by clicking the cube at lower left.


  • View a single image by clicking on it.   The full image will appear.  Mouse over image and navigation will appear.   Click navigation for next image etc.  To get back to the full sphere, simply click the icon.

Best way to become familiar with this is just to use it and have fun.     And good luck on your kitchen cabinet planning.