Countertop SamplesCountertop Samples

The Story of Countertops

The typical countertop we envision today has been around about one hundred years.   The idea is to have a useful continuous work surface and factors usually considered are durability, functionality, hygienics, appearance, and cost.     Materials vary from natural stones, metals, manufactured materials, and a combination of natural and manufactured materials.  Countertops are typically 25-26 inches from front to back and from 35 to 36 inches from the floor.

Countertop options have come a long way. By combining form with function, they set a tone and a standard. Be it the classic elegance of Quartz, the sleek feel of solid surface or a colorful laminate, countertop options are almost endless.  Printable countertop and other one sheets.

Laminate is glued onto an inch-and-a half particleboard base and can be customized with finished edges that are beveled or curved-wood or laminate. Our laminate countertop vendors include: Formica | WilsonArt | Counterpro | Pionite

Solid Surface offers a seamless acrylic face with seams that are only visible from the underside. Sink and counter materials can be integrated to create a fluid graceful line. Our premier solid surface vendor is: Staron

Quartz is a remarkable blend of mined quartz, one of the hardest minerals found in nature and polyester resin and pigment producing a non-porous surface that does not require sealing or polishing to maintain its luster and beauty. Our quartz vendors include: Staron | Caesarstone | Silestone | Hanstone

Countertops are on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.

Our SWS countertop shop in Gardner, MA templates, produces and installs custom countertops.

Maki Building Centers is committed to providing its customers with quality countertops.   Visit one of our store locations and view the various materials available.


Countertop SamplesCountertop Samples