Engineered Products

Engineered Products

Printable Engineered Products PDF ( opens in new window)  Engineered lumber does everything solid-sawn lumber does, except better! It’s stronger, lighter, straighter and more stable. Engineered wood is made from quick growing, abundant species such as aspen, fir, pine and poplar that are processed into wood veneers or strands, coated with adhesive, compressed into large billets, dried, then sawn into standard lumber dimensions. Laminated veneer lumber (LVL), laminated strand lumber (LSL) & parallel strand lumber (PSL), are some of the types of engineered wood products.

MAKI Building Centers works with Georgia Pacific in providing Wood I Beams, GP LAM LVL, and Rim Board.

Wood I Beam Joists

Wood I Beam Joists deliver consistent stiffness and strength with dimensional stability that helps minimize floor squeaks and helps reduce callbacks.


GP Lam LVL delivers solutions where construction designs call for long, unsupported spans for grand entrances, wide doorways, and dramatic window configurations.

FiberStrong Rim Board

FiberStrong Rim Board is ideally suited for floor systems configured with Georgia-Pacific Wood I Beam joists and other I-joists of the same height.

Simple Framing System by Boise Cascade

The SIMPLE FRAMING SYSTEM uses highest quality BCI joists or ALLJOIST PRODUCTS.  The result is longer spans, time saved during cutting and fitting, less waste, and lower overall cost since less product is needed.

Zip System Sheathing

It’s a one of a kind structural roof and wall system with a built in energy-efficient barrier that keeps moisture out and reduces air leakage, while still allowing panels to properly dry.   All with 40% faster installation.

Top Notch Truss