Storm Doors

Entrance doors makes a great first impression, as well as speak to the personality of the home. It boosts the curb appeal of any home and can help add value to the property. In MAKI’s SWS door shop, we will hang and customize your door just the way you want it. You have the options to add a transom,  or add a side panel or two! The combinations are endless! It’s just another in the long line of customer services that our SWS door and window shops offer. MAKI Building Centers also carries a full line of quality Gordon cellar doors , ProVia storm doors., and Signature Doors.   There are sample doors are on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.

SWS Door Shop Gardner MA

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Storm Door Basics

A storm door is a type of door which is installed in front of an exterior access door to protect it from bad weather and allow ventilation.   Storm doors typically have interchangeable glass panels and window screen panels to provide visibility and prevent flying insects from entering your house.   Materials used are wood, aluminium, and plastics like vinyl and fiberglass.

Full-View storm doors include a full glass panel and interchangeable full screen.

Retractable screen storm doors feature a screen that is rolled up into the frame of the storm door when not in use.

Ventilating storm doors include a full of half screen that is always in position on the storm door.