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Tool Emporium Milwaukee ToolsTool Emporium

The Tool Emporium at MAKI Building Centers in Gardner, Sterling, and Lunenburg includes a wide variety of tools including the very popular Milwaukee brand of quality power tools.

Need a tool?   This is a sampling of what is offered at the MAKI Tool Emporium located in each MAKI Building Center:

Auto test and service equipment, bars, nail pullers and steel chisels, brushes, brooms, mops, pails, cloths, pads, dusters, power tools, pneumatic tools, drills, drill bits, electrical tools, garden sprayers, hand saws, mitre boxes, hose end watering equipment, kitchen tools, kitchen gadgets, ladders, lawn and garden hand tools, lawn spreaders, levels, measuring tools, long handle tools, masking tape, mason tools, nail, tack, staple, and joiner tools, paint applicators and tools, planes, files, rasps, and wood chisels, plaster, stripping, and adhesvie tools, pliers, cutters, shears, portable task lights. power tools, power trimmers, power edges, power blowers, power hammers, hand tools, power tool accessories, power nailers, screwdrivers, hammers, hand drills, sheetrock accessories, sprayers, scrub pads, sponges, staplers, rivet tools, fasteners, stationary power tools, testing equipment, striking tools, thermometers and scales, tool boxes, tool pouches, safety equipment, tool replacement handles, soldering and welding torches, vises, clamps, squares, vises, clamps, wet/dry vacuums, wheelbarrows, hand trucks, winches, hoists, pulleys, work gloves, wrenches, wallpaper tools, hobby tools.

Large display of Milwaukee tools.   Need it?   You can have it today.

Disclaimer:    This list can’t possibly account for the vast array of hand and power tools available in-stock today at MAKI Building Centers.    Only your personal inspection  (which we highly recommend)  can assure you 100% of seeing everything.    We would love to have you!