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mquality200Maki Building Centers/SWS Manufacturing quality spotlight:

Maki Building Centers Inc. has a corporate philosophy of providing the highest quality possible.
We try to provide a better value because we just don’t skimp on quality. When you see us for your building materials you know we’re trying to please you for the long-term. We are always pleased to get new customers. And we are honored to keep and truly value your business.    Printable pdf: Quality Spotlight (opens in new window)

 The quality of our materials, products, and services provides a superior value.  

Our family-owned company has a Culture of Quality and below is just a few of our beliefs and practices:

1.  Exceed industry standards/specs
2.  Choose the better one
3.  Give more, not less
4.  Make it better so it lasts
5.  Improve over last year
6.  Be consistent
7.  Attend to detail
8.  Use better materials
9.  Take Hard line on quality with suppliers
10.  Listen, Really listen…
11.  Solve the problem
12.  Communicate ideas
13.  Keep it clean
14.  Keep it safe
15.  Keep learning
16.  Self-evaluate continually
17.  If competition sells inferior product, don’t trash them – just make or sell a better one!

If you have an idea on how anything
sold by MAKI can be better, we want to hear from you. We understand that by listening more to you we become more successful.

Thank you very much for your business.