Budget Barn


Budget Barn Deals and MAKI Closeouts

Extraordinary Savings for MAKI customers


  First Quality, Top-of-the line merchandise from canceled orders or MAKI Closeouts.  

Many items sold well below cost.      Also check out the Maki Promos page 

Windows, Doors, and other Building Materials at locations in Gardner, Lunenburg, and Sterling, MA.

NOTE TO LONG TIME MAKI CUSTOMERS:   The familiar purple building loved for many years was demolished.    Now we’ve expanded the Budget Barn Department to offer items at all of our locations in Gardner, Lunenburg, and Sterling.     So keep checking here and at our stores for great BUDGET VALUES!    And thank  you for your business.  It is appreciated.

Keep checking back for upcoming values because inventory changes everyday!   (All Items subject to prior sale, sold as is with no warranty.  Delivery Extra.)


Dept: Lunenburg Store

Dept: Gardner Store
Dept: Sterling Store
Dept: SWS Windows
Dept: SWS Doors

Dept: SWS Millshed

Location: Lunenburg

Location: Gardner

Location: Sterling

Product: Building Materials

Product: Windows

Product: Doors

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