Billion Dollar Buying Power – Member LMC

bdbp-logoMAKI Building Centers offers its savvy builders, quality remodelers, and serious do-it-yourselfers a distinct price and quality advantage. MAKI makes many sought-after items at its manufacturing facility in Gardner MA.    And MAKI has joined with 1300 independent  lumber and material dealers to buy at the most competitive prices possible under the LMC network.    Printable pdf about MAKI’s Billion Dollar Buying Power (opens in new window)

LMC Dealers like MAKI Building Centers, buy smarter.  With a collaborative approach to purchasing, MAKI is part of collective buys that have been known to move the market.  With more than 1300 locations nationwide and combined annual retail sales of over eight billion dollars, the LMC network helps MAKI consistently deliver the quality products when you need them at competitive prices.

MAKI offers service and expertise at a whole new level, staying informed on industry news, market trends, and new innovative products solutions from the most desired manufacturers, suppliers, and mills.  Bottom line, MAKI looks out for you, working to find ways to save you time and money.

As part of the LMC network, MAKI Building Centers Inc. has access to knowledge for a competitive edge.    MAKI knows when to buy and how to buy, offering product availability and pricing advantages to builders, remodelers, and tradesmen in their community.   Combined with MAKI’s knowledgeable staff,  you have the solutions that put you in a better position, with the quality materials and pricing to get the job done.

MAKI has strong roots in this area with family members raising families, living, and working in the area.    MAKI is dedicated to supporting a better quality of life for its employees, neighbors, and fellow businesses.   Three times as much money stays in the local economy when you buy goods and services from a local company like MAKI’s.   MAKI thanks you for the support which has a strong local economic impact.

The LMC network dates back to 1935, so there’s a long history with top forest product producers and building material suppliers, forging strong relationships through mutual respect and loyalty.     MAKI is committed to buying quality and making the rest!